First Week Back

What a fantastic week it has been so far! The first teaching units have been started, decisions about After School Activities have been made and students have exchanged stories about their summer break with “old” and new friends.  Parents lingered after school and enjoyed the mild weather. Work on the playground is continuing – many thanks to all the helping hands who worked on the playground today.

Work on the new sand pit has begun.

It does not matter what size your shovel is – we are grateful for all the help we get. Thank you for making a difference!

photos: AS

Welcome to The 2018-19 School Year

This morning the school campus once again was buzzing with excited conversation as students met up again after the Summer Break and introduced themselves to new classmates. Between classes, the students discovered the changes that have already been made to the playground, and found that a number of projects were ready for their input at the end of this week. Over coffee, parents had an opportunity to share tales of holiday adventures with one another on this first day.

I wish the H.I.S. community a happy and successful year,