Personal Project Presentation Evening

Did you ever have to leave your home?

Do you know how to sleep well?

How tall can we build?

Can we rely on driverless cars in the future?

What is the nature of a landslide?

These were some of the questions Grade 10 students had been asking themselves over the past 8 months while working on their Personal Projects. The students are almost at the end of their MYP journey of which the Personal Project is the final and biggest challenge. It is a chance for the students to demonstrate the Approaches to Learning skills they acquired throughout the MYP from Grade 6-10.

The students  presented their Projects to staff, parents and students at the Personal Project Evening and on the following morning to PYP students. It was great to see such a range of topics represented.

Congratulations to our Grade 10 students, you have taken a major step towards becoming independent learners, who approach new projects as inquirers and true risk-takers.

text & photos: AS




A method of training for effective or efficient movement, as a way to overcome obstacles and challenges within an environment.

 Grade 8 students in PE class have been learning the skills of Parkour and as part of their unit they have worked in small groups to produce a mini Parkour Demonstration.  You can find a couple of videos on Facebook.  Some of the Parkour moves students have learned vary in difficulty however all help to improve one’s own movement, physical ability and confidence.  Some of the skills include the Dash Vault, Reverse Vault, Kong Vault, Wall Jump, Precision Jump, Parkour Roll to name a few.  The students really enjoyed the activity and the challenge it gave them.

text & photos: JK

Personal Project Presentation Eve

A broad range of topics will be presented by Grade 10 students on Thursday Evening. (22nd February, 7-9 pm)

Join us for an exciting evening.


Parent Workshop: Executive Function

Executive function is an important set of skills for life and learning.Find out more about those skills, the signs of problems with executive function skills and how to support your child.

When:   Friday, February 23rd 2018 from 8:30 – 10:00

Where: German Room (E 05)

Who:    All are welcome!

This workshop will be presented by Sandra Hohenwarter.

DNA Modelling – Grade 10 Science

The students in Grade 10 have been busy studying the molecule of life, DNA.  They began by studying the structure of DNA, and to support the understanding of structure, students recently built models of DNA using gummi bears, liquorice sticks and cocktail sticks! Once they had completed the models they looked at the usefulness of models in science and evaluated their models by considering what the model was missing and how it could be made more accurate. 

Students have also been learning about inheritance and looked at the processes of mitosis and meiosis (cell division). In order to deepen their understanding of these processes, the students replicated the process of meiosis by building fantasy creatures called “reebops” using marshmallows, pins and cocktail sticks. 

Mother and father Reebop reproduced to produce many baby Reebops with many different features from mum & dad, no two babies looked alike!Students have also been given the task of looking at a trait in their own family to produce a pedigree (family tree) to demonstrate their understanding of the rules of inheritance, so they may be asking you about their families.

 Grade 10 are designing their own investigations in the next few weeks to do with DNA.  This is an opportunity for the students to demonstrate their scientific inquiry skills, which is great preparation for the IB sciences (physics, chemistry & biology). It is in a sense a mini version of the internal assessment in the Diploma Programme which is worth 20% of the students’ final grade.Half of the students in Grade 10 have been busy making DNA from various different foods, including strawberries, peas and chicken liver!  What they have discovered is that extracting DNA is an easy process and it can even be done at home in your kitchen.  Just ask them about it! 

Meanwhile the other half have been working on a project learning about the Human Genome project and its similarities to the old Greek myth about Pandora’s box.

The groups will switch round after the break and the other half of the class will carry out their own investigations in the laboratory whilst the others work on a different written task about modelling DNA change over time by looking at the effects of processes of evolutionary change using a piece of text over several generations.

text & photos: SAB

PYP Faschingsfeier

The Fasching celebration of 2018, planned by Grade 5, took place yesterday in the MPR. Grade 5 would like to thank the PYP for participating and we hope that the students had a nice time. Below are the winners of the costume competition.Grade 5 would also like to thank the German teachers for their help and support in the planning process of this year’s Faschingsfeier. Here are some of the highlights of the party.

text: Grade 5