SC Neuenheim Players Inspire H.I.S. Students

During the last month Rugby players from SC Neuenheim have been in school teaching students in both the Primary and Secondary School Rugby skills and techniques.  A massive Thank You to the Rugby Players: Andre, Thomas and Juandre!  All of the sessions were lots of fun and students really learned the key concepts of how to play Rugby.

text & photos : JK

Courtney Campbell Is Coming

Friday, November 24

Inspiring-Funny-Genuine-Full of Heart

Courtney Campbell is a singer/songwriter, master storyteller, writer and musician. She travels world-wide performing for children, giving concerts, workshops and keynote speeches. Her songs and stories are some of the best most enduring ones for children that you will hear. Teachers use them extensively, Kids and their families are devoted fans. The most fun way to see Courtney is at one of her delightful performances. She is a master. Her audiences are totally and happily engaged from the minute she steps on stage.”

Courtney has three irresistible CDs, Mustard Pancakes, Dinosaur In My Backyard and The Camel With A Runny Nose. They are about 8.50 euros each and can be downloaded from:

Grade 3 Parent Workshop

The next unit of Inquiry for Grade 3 will be Invention Convention and will incorporate, among other things, learning about simple machines.  Last week the Grade 3 parents were invited to join a workshop involving “Simple Machines”.During the workshop parents were asked to create their own linoleum prints using a simple machine, the wedge.   The challenge was accepted and embraced with varying results!  The finished prints were used to create festive card designs. Everyone agreed that they are looking forward to seeing what the students of Grade 3 will produce when it’s their turn.

Thank you to everyone who participated, it was a fun workshop.

text & photos: BW

Grade 2 Eco Chefs

Last week Grade 2 students became “Eco Chefs” for a day. They went shopping with their teachers after deciding which recipes to use.

In groups the students worked together to select, shop for and cook an ‘eco-friendly’ recipe. After they picked their recipe, they prepared for their shopping trip to Kaufland. Students identified ways to monitor and reduce the amount of packaging of their ingredients. When they returned from their trip, each group prepared a presentation and presented the draft version to their parents.Each group used the feedback from parents to improve and refine their presentation. On Thursday, students worked in teams to follow the recipe, make their food and presented it to guest judges (Mrs. Macdonald, Mrs. Novak, Fr. Schumacher). Many students found that making a choice at the supermarket helped reduce the amount of packaging they would normally have and that cooking eco-recipes was much easier than anticipated.

text: TA, photos: AS 

You Are What You Eat?

On Friday, 17th November, there was another workshop organised and held by the Student Support Team. Our guest speaker, Anne van Leuween, and Sandra Hohenwarter shared information about nutrition for younger and older children, facts and background information about the importance of water and breakfast, and which foods and drinks can boost your brain power.

You will find a summary in the next H.I.S. newsletter.

 Thank you everyone, who attended our workshop!

 Sandra Hohenwarter  


Buffet Du Monde – Merci Beaucoup!

A group of H.I.S. Primary School students was invited to a lovely “Buffett du Monde” (World Buffet) at the neighbouring French School on Friday.

EP, Grade 1 and Grade 3 were received cordially with a lovely song, then we enjoyed the delicious food and were allowed to explore the matching classrooms in the French School. It was interesting to see all the similarities like them having classroom monitors, too!

Exploring the playground was great fun as well of course.

“Merci beaucoup” for the French School’s initiative and hospitality!”

text & photos:  ABI

Lego League – Well Done HedgeBots!

After three months of meetings and preparations, programming lego robots and preparing a presentation, the HedgeBots and their coach Lynnette took part in a First Lego League Competition at the Mathematikum at Heidelberg University.The students presented their ideas in German in to a jury. They had designed their own logo for the team T-shirt, which stood out at the competition and was much admired by the judges and helpers.The HedgeBots can be proud of the medals they received for taking part in a tough competition. Many thanks to Lynnette for coaching the team and for getting them ready to take part in a First Lego League event.

photos & text: AS