Schultüten und Fahrradführerschein

 Two German traditions to celebrate the rite of passage

For a few months our Grade 4 students practiced and studied hard to pass their road safety training, which marks an important stage in the life of a German school child.

Going through this process children are made aware that they are on their way to being responsible adults! In German culture we believe that children in Grade 4 are trust-worthy enough to be able to follow traffic rules seriously and to pay attention to others when they are on the road. This ritual should also help them to connect to the community they live in and become more independent by cycling to school on their own.Congratulations to all of those who passed the road-safety training this year!

Another rite of passage that we celebrated recently at H.I.S. was a rite of passage that our Grade 4 students (AGP German group) prepared for our EP 2 students. As part of their unit: Rites of Passage, Grade 4 students researched about the tradition of „Schultüten“. After that they planned and organized the „Schultüten“ ritual for our EP 2 students.For the „Schultüten“ the Grade 4 students rolled coloured paper in the form of a cone and filled them with little gifts and sweets for „their“ EP 2 student. This year they decided to have a scavenger hunt, where the little ones had to find their „Schultüten“ by following the signs and hints on a map. At the end our EP 2 students found their „Schultüten“ hanging in the „Schultütenbaum“.By handing over those cones the older students wanted to make the transition into Grade 1 (which would be the beginning of school in Germany) a little bit sweeter. This ceremony also indicated that next year’s Grade 5 students care for the younger students and support them whenever needed! It was lovely to watch how proud all of the students were! Nice job, Grade 4!

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M.A.D. Summer Nights 2017

As culmination of their learning in Visual and Performing Arts, students from Grade 6 to 10 presented their work to an audience on the evenings of 12 & 13th June.Students thrilled the community with an absolutely fantastic showcase of their artwork and engaging performances. Grades 7 and 9, presented their artwork in an outdoor gallery. They worked on two separate units of inquiry: ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ (Grade 9) in which students explored their relationship with the natural world & ‘Look Again’ (Grade 7) which involved students investigating distortions and reflections.In Performing Arts, students of Grade 6, 8 and 10 presented three different plays, showcasing a wide range of performance skills, like acting, production management, ensemble work and musical performance.

While the grade 6 students presented a comedy, ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’ by Sir Alan Ayckbourn, the grade 8’s presented a powerful self-devised play, ‘Maybe I can Help!’ which revolved around the lives of teenagers, drawing from life experiences.

The grade 10’s presented ‘Alice!’ by Lindsay Price, a visually pleasing rendition of Lewis Carol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, with a mix of media theatre-film-music, moving set elements, and engaging characters.

The evening was a wonderful celebration of the talent and creativity of our students. We are very proud of their achievements and applaud their risk-taking spirit!

Kirsty Mottram, Visual Arts Rituparna Bhattacharya, Performance Arts

PYP Summer Performance

It was very special to see all the different grades showing their great skills on stage. EP students shared their knowledge about plants – it was fun practicing with the students to get ready to present to an audience. Grade 1 told the story of ”Peter and the Wolf” knowing the different parts of art.

Grade 2 showed some incredible risk taking skills as they practiced and performed with puppets. 

Grade 3 created a masterpiece about human rights, a great performance covering all aspects of a drama play.

Grade 4 saved ecosystems in a fun way and Grade 5 put on stage a hilarious adaptation of the play ”Troy”.

It is great as a teacher to watch the students practice in the classroom and to see how they grow so much acquiring the skills to perform.

Congratulations to all PYP students, it was a fun journey to complete the summer performance.

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H.I.S. Sports Day 2017

Congratulations to everyone involved in Sports Day! 

With hardly a drop of rain this year, Sports Day 2017 was a huge success.  

The PYP students enjoyed the exciting and challenging games they had created for each of the other classes in the primary school in the morning.  

The MYP students were busy completing 6 events in Track and Field, pushing themselves against their fellow classmates.  

A big THANK YOU to all of the students taking part, and the parents and teachers supporting the event. 

A great joint effort – only a year to go until the next Sports Day!

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“What book is that again?”

Grade 4 Celebrates Final Genre Book Project

After all of their hard work, Grade 4 students celebrated their final Genre Book Project Fair.

These students have learned so much about genre, and we’ve had a lot of fun watching them show it through song, monologue, games, collages, book trailers, diaries, children’s illustrated books, dioramas and timelines.Grace explains her Genre Book Project to Annika’s mom.Isaac goes over his diorama for the book, “The Grimm conclusion with classmates and parents.Jenna presents her book trailer to Ichi’s parents.Filiz explains the rules of her game based on the book, “The Austere Academy” to Ryan, Lilly, Mrs. Douglas, and Evan’s mom.May enjoys telling about her genre book project to Filiz’s mom, Filiz, Mrs. Novak and Leo’s dad.It is all fun and games…. A very successful and fun closing to a very hard working group of students all year long!

Stay posted with our Facebook page! Grade 4 book trailers coming your way!!!

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Electronic Books Now Available From H.I.S. Library

We have just added our second set of e-books with enhanced content to our collection. Follett Lightbox books are visually appealing and include kid-friendly links, activities, videos, and more.

We have a set of 6 books about various ecosystems and have recently purchased titles about Gemstones, Crystals, Climate Change, Migrants and Refugees, Landslides, Avalanches, Blood and the Cardiovascular System, Lungs and the Respiratory System, and Disease.Our library catalog link is now located at the bottom of the H.I.S. website. From there, search the catalog for “lightbox” and when you find one you want to read (and experience!) click on “open.” You may be asked to log in to read the e-book; if you don’t know your library log-in please contact the librarian! (Grades 3-6 should know their log-ins as we use them frequently in library class.)The books are appropriate for middle years and up. In the library today, grade 4 students practiced note-taking while using the ecosystems e-books (Caves, Boreal Forests, Rainforests, Deciduous Forests, Deserts, and Wetlands).

These books can be read online from most devices! Enjoy!

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Thank You!

Many thanks to our wonderful PTG Planning Team.

It has been a pleasure to be part of well-organised meetings and fun-filled events.

For the Planning Team members moving on this year, we wish you every success in your new locations. For those returning to H.I.S. Next school year, we are looking forward to the Pizza Party already!

Have a super summer, and thank you again! 

Kathleen Macdonald

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MYP Students for The First Time

Grade 5 Orientation Day

What is it like to be a MYP student? Grade 5 students had the chance to find out today. They spent the day with their teachers for next school year and took on the role of a Grade 6 MYP class.

After morning registration in Homeroom they moved from room to room to get to their German, Science, English, Performing Art and Math classes.

Orientation day finished with a meeting for the future Grade 6 parents.I trust students, teachers and parents found today a good experience.

Dear Grade 5 students, we look forward to welcoming you to Secondary School in the new school year.

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