UTSAV – Indian Cultural Evening भारतीय शाम

indian-elephant-wall-art-640x445Join us for an Indian Cultural Evening at H.I.S.! The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) and the Indian community members at H.I.S. are organising an event to showcase the colourful and diverse culture of India. This adults only event will feature delicious Indian food, dance and  music!indian-feast-2

Friday, 17th February 2017, 7-10 pm (MPR)

Tickets – 35 €

Visit our booth at the Winter Fair, December 9th to learn more about the event! We will start selling tickets at the Winter Fair and after that everyday after school, in the foyer. Get your tickets soon!rangoli-indian-art-flour-sand-6

For questions, please feel free to contact anyone from the PTG or Anu Nair (anupriyams@gmail.com).

elephant image: whatevercomics.com

Cooking up A Storm – MCP Dinner

dsc03067At the MCP Dinner 2016 Last Friday, MYP students transformed the MPR and Music room into a restaurant and venue for the MCP Dinner. Students welcomed guests, from in- and outside of the H.I.S. community, for a night of delicious food and informative presentations. Long before the transformations started, DP students Robin, Mikael, Jan, Robert and Cameron were working hard with Mr Parkes and Herr Kettner at Heinsteins to prepare the delicious, three-course meal.
20161118_150143H.I.S. student involvement did not end there. We had presentations from Katherine and Christian, representing the PYP and the MYP, along side their parents, as well as exciting news from the Grade 11 students– Benita, Leah, Tom, and Rasmus – who will be travelling to Namibia in 2017. dsc03183The final total is still being calculated and will be announced soon on the blog. Huge thanks to all those involved – our students, presenters and guests – for making the evening a success and a celebration of the work MCP does and the contributions H.I.S. is able to make.

Photos: Leo, Grade 7

Human Chains Really Do Work

Human chains have been used for centuries and represent what great collaboration can achieve; whether it be to protest, to bring relief, or simply to get a job done more effectively. On Tuesday MYP students and teachers responded to a call for help from the PYP to get their garden boxes ready for bulb planting before the winter sets in. The volunteers formed a human chain to move sacks of compost from the carpark, through the school, to the playground. It was a wonderful sight!thumb_dscn0941_1024thumb_dscn0952_1024thumb_dscn0960_1024

text & photos NP

Special Guest in Grade 7 Science Class

“Nurse Anne, can you show me how to do this?” Grade 7 students practiced measuring their pulse and listening to their heartbeat with the aid of Anne, Grade 7 parent and professional nurse. dsc00081Anne showed students today how to use the technical equipment correctly. Students got really into it and checked each others pulse as well as that of teachers passing by.

dsc00082  dsc00087

Anne is going to continue to work with Dr. Albenna’s science class throughout next week, too. dsc00090Thank you for making a difference by giving the students practical advice and by sharing your knowledge! dsc00092

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