Green – Yellow – Red

Hands-on activities to understand the concept of a balanced diet

epyramide_bausteineOver the last weeks we were busy working on the unit Healthy Habits.

In German class we have been looking at the Food Pyramid (from the German organisation that helps students to see what makes up a healthy day’s eating and drinking. This system follows the traffic light idea: green (eat and drink a lot of these things), yellow (eat and drink what is suggested, but not more), red (attention, don’t eat or drink more than suggested).

In order to make it easier for the students to understand the different groups of the food pyramid, they were able to explore drinks, grains, vegetables and fruits. img_0112They had fun looking at the different types of flour, tasting different grain products, grinding flour, testing different types of bread, identifying fruits and vegetables, tasting and testing some fruits and vegetables and exploring the cause and effect of exercise and the amount of energy needed with wooden blocks and the scale.

img_0067-kopieimg_0020After the break we will look into “Wo hat sich das Fett versteckt?” (Where is fat in our food?) as well as finding out about the amount of sugar in products. Here are some comments from the students during the activities: Wow, Gurke hat richtig viel Wasser! Tee schmeckt gut! Wasser braucht man viel, weil man ja auch Pipi machen muss. Ohne Wasser kann man nur 3 Tage überleben. Wah, das ist nicht lange!!!! Vollkornbrot schmeckt echt besser als das andere! Weizen hat auch noch so was Brauens drum herum. Das habe ich auch im Vollkornmehl gesehen. Wenn ich viel laufen will in der Pause, muss ich auch viel trinken und Obst und Gemüse essen. Ich habe morgens nie Zeit zum Essen und Trinken. Aber ich weiß, dass das nicht gut ist! Ich werde jetzt immer Wasser trinken.img_0063img_0110

text & photos: SH


spider01The PYP Halloween Party started with a parade this year; a “treat” for spectators who watched ghosts, princesses, witches, storm troopers, super heroes, zombies and the book of monsters walk by before entering the Monster Party Realm (MPR).

No tricks just treats seems to have been the motto of the party organised by the PTG and supported by parents and MYP students.The activities as well as the spooky food were special and so much fun! A huge thank you to the PTG and all helpers for organising a truly great event. Boo!20161027_15312420161027_15255220161027_15383120161027_152806  20161027_154217  20161027_15413620161027_150506 20161027_15053520161027_15023820161027_15044320161027_15040620161027_15250920161027_15423720161027_15052420161027_153814

Happy Halloween!


text & photos: AS

Introducing…The H.I.S. Journalism Group

During period 6 on Friday, MYP students are mixed together across grade levels for different kinds of enrichment activities. One of these groups has formed the H.I.S. Journalism Group.screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-14-49-37 Students from grade 6-10 are spending their time writing texts and creating articles to share with the school community.

For example: the Grade 6 students are working on some scary stories for Halloween Matt; Grade 8, is working on a report from a recent field trip; and Nasya, Grade 7, is researching some fun activities to fill your fall break!

Meanwhile, our grade 10 students are compiling some information about the Personal Project. Keep your eyes out for some great reporting and feel free to contact us if you’d like us to cover your H.I.S. event!screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-14-49-14

Helen Parsons

Speed4 Event – Sign up for Saturday!

 schnellste_Hase_der_WeltDeadline to register is: tomorrow, Wednesday 26th October

Event starts at: 10:00 on Saturday 29th October in Ludwigshafen.

Please note: The competition isn’t run by class age, but year of birth so students born in 2006 (most of G5) can do it as well. 

The Speed4 Challenge is coming to Ludwigshafen at the end of October. 

speed4_logoThe challenge is a straight-forward parcour and children have to weave in and out of cones and complete the 18-meter course as fast as they can. The activity demands balance, co-ordination, agility and, of course, speed.

The intention of the programme is to motivate children to be active and take up sport and push themselves further to improve their fitness.

PYP Halloween Party

PYP students are invited to a Halloween Party organised by the PTG on Thursday, 27th of October after school! 1883444Come dressed up and ready to have fun! Parents please supervise your children.


MCP Dinner

Tickets for the MCP Dinner 2016 are on sale after school this week. Look out for our stand in front of the building. For more details, see the poster below.


Runners and Walkers Wanted – The Harambee Challenge 2017!

MCP is still recruiting participants for the 2017 Harambee Challenge. If you can help seek out participants who are ready for an amazing challenge and opportunity, read on and spread the word!

What? A run across Namibia to deliver a petition from the people of Mayana to the government in the capital

Who? Open to all. The aim is to have 14 participants from Mayana and Germany.

Where? In Namibia – the run is from Mayana to Windhoek and is planned in three parts with a total distance of about 745 km. The daily distance is about 250 km and we plan to have 10 runners out at the same time (i.e. 25 km each) It’s an open relay run and we have planned for food and water along the way.

When? 7th April 2017 –20th April 2017 Deadline for registration of participants is 1st November 2016 Costs and other details: Participants have to fund their own flights; all further costs for transport, accommodation and food are covered by MCP.screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-08-09-06Most importantly… WHY is MCP involved in this event? The history of Namibia and Germany has been strongly linked for more than 100 years. The history of the people in Mayana along with the 64 project participants that have joined in the last seven years have created a strong bond between Mayana and MCP. We have planned this challenge together to deliver a petition to campaign for better education, health care, water, electricity, business development, and sanitation.

Grade 7&8 – Theatre Field Trip

On Monday the advanced German learners grade 7&8 visited a performance of 20161018_100505the play „Blutrote Schuhe“ by Charles Way in the Zwinger Theatre in Heidelberg.

The play is a content part of our current unit of the class: „On the Run“, which deals with the situation of people who have to leave their home country for different reasons.blutroteschuhe_o_035We were able to sit in the front row in the theatre next to two live musicians and were very impressed by the intensity and the closeness of the actors. The students discussed a lot about the play on their way back to school and we will talk about all the impressions and thoughts in the next German lesson for sure. As you can notice a visit in Starbucks in the Hauptstraße made this trip even more fun … 


text & photos: BK, Zwinger Theater

Our Inner Hero

Grade 4 students have been inquiring into the qualities of traditional and modern heroes through a variety of artistic mediums.

While interpreting the characteristics valued by painters, poets, songwriters, graffiti artists and other artists, as portrayed through their artwork, many students came to the conclusion that anyone can be a hero.

In an attempt to portray their own inner hero, students have been exploring Ben-Day Dot artwork from the 1950s and 1960s.

bdd-1 bdd-2

Students trace their portrait from photos of themselves with pencil. 

bdd-3 bdd-4

Pencil outlines are retraced with black marker.


Amir traces his outline on a Ben-Day Dot template.


Julian fills in the dots to create the Ben-Day Dot affect.

Students Did an excellent job of portraying their inner heroines and heroes.bdd-7  bdd-9bdd-8

photos & text: FW

Merchandise – Order Your H.I.S. Apron!

H.I.S. aprons can be ordered soon – watch out for more information from the PTG to come. The aprons will be available in two sizes (one size for adults and one size for children). img_1234