Early Primary Students Visit Jugendhof

EP 1 and 2 went to the Jugendhof in Heidelberg as part of the unit „Caring for living things”. It is a local farm here in Heidelberg with different animals for children to look at. We got a tour and found out new things about the animals living there, e.g. What is the difference between hay and straw? What do sheep and chicken eat? What can the ears of a horse tell me? Are pigs dirty? DSC03180The students were able to stroke and feed rabbits and guinea pigs and to feel real lamb’s wool. It was a great day! DSC03213



photos & text: SST

Environment Speech: Climate Change in India

During Environment week, the Grade 9 students worked on an interdisciplinary task in the Unit on Global Change. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 19.14.18Working individually, the students researched the effects of climate change on a country of their choice and were asked to present a speech.  Within their speeches they had to explain what their chosen country has done to combat climate change and whether this country has ratified any international climate change related treaties or agreements.

All students had to present their speeches in lessons (not only science) throughout environment week.

The students did a wonderful job in presenting their speeches.  One speech, by Ishani, was also presented in the final assembly reflecting all the activities that had been done by whole school in support of environment week.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 19.14.39Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 19.14.56Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 19.15.14Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 19.15.22Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 19.15.31

Group 4 Project – Waste Management on Mars

DSCN0749On Monday 9th and Wed 11th May, Grade 11 took part in the Group 4 project, a compulsory part of the IB Diploma Group 4 subject area. This project focuses on the collaboration between different sciences as well as building skills of working in a group.

The students were joined by two fellow students from the Phorms School in Munich.

DSCN0750The students theme was an extension of last year’s Group 4 project about the colonization of Mars.  This year they focused on waste management on Mars.   The students compared different methods of waste management, taking into account nutrient cycles as well as looking at the recyclability of materials and their potential uses as well as energy costs involved, especially considering the atmosphere of mars and that some methods on earth would not work.DSCN0762

At the end of the second day the students presented their work to the teachers and this will be added to the website that was created last year by Grade 11.

Please keep a look out for the link to the website in a future blog!

photos & text SAB

Used Book Sale

colorful-books-wallpaperLibrary volunteers are busy preparing boxes and boxes of books for next week’s Used Book Sale!  

The sale opens to the public on Wednesday, June 1 at 8:00 a.m.  Books range in price from €0,50 to €2,00.  

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 18.53.06Most books are English but there are also some titles in other languages.  Some of the books have been removed from the library’s collection; others have been donated.  There is truly something for everyone, so come look!

Opening hours are 8:00 to 4:15 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, June 1-3.

All proceeds go to the library’s general fund.  Many thanks to those who have donated books or their time to support this sale!  Our teachers appreciate your support!

photo & text PC

H.I.S. Proudly Presents: The Class of 2016

Congratulations to Roberto, Herman, Aidan, Katharina, Wallis, Julia, Kjartan, Annika & Haixu – the Class of 2016, we are very proud of you all.  Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 17.02.17Thank you to Herr Handwerk & Mr. Parkes for hosting a wonderful graduation ceremony, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students, their family & friends and the school staff.  It was lovely to welcome back to school some past students and staff, it was great to see you again.Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 17.02.35

160525 0022 160525 0036 160525 0026

text: KW, photos: AS

H.I.S. Hedgehogs & FIS Warriors enjoy Volleyball Fixture

20160524_150330H.I.S. students welcomed Frankfurt International School students to a Volleyball game yesterday.  Students from Grades 6-8 had been practicing their Volleyball skills in their PHE lessons and were chosen to represent the school in the fixture.

The boy’s team and the Girl’s team both won their games and performed really well as a team.  

The scores were:

Boy’s (Grades 6-8): Set 1: HIS 25: FIS 10, Set 2: HIS 25: FIS 13

Girl’s (Grades 6-8): Set 1: HIS 25: FIS 9, Set 2: HIS 25: FIS 20

It was great that the two schools had this game and we look forward to continuing Sports Fixtures together in the future.  Well done to all of the students who played and a big thank you to Mr Knowles for organising the event.


text: JK, photos: AS



WWW – Paragliding in The Black Forest

IMG_3304Apart from some landings on faces or on wrong legs, apart from being dragged on your back or on your stomach across wet and muddy fields by what some students called the scary rope, apart from being blown away by the wind resulting in some unintended acrobatic flights, apart from all this, we all had a great time and managed to pull our feet off the ground for some time. 

It was a very nice experience to be working together to master these big paragliders, sorting out lines of different colours, packing the paragliders back in their bags and yes, going back up the slope with your paraglider on your shoulders after you have done your flight. There was great team spirit; everyone supporting one another as we all felt responsible for each others security. 

IMG_3341 2

Treasure hunting, some balancing games, a barbecue in the dark and The Matrix accompanied by some pizza rounded up the week.

Guillermo Jimenez

IMG_3319 2


IMG_3339 2

IMG_3379 2

photos & text: WL, GJ

WWW – Allgäu Adventure

20160511_133629During Week Without Walls grade 10 and five grade 9 students went to Kempen, Allgäu, Germany. We arrived on Monday afternoon, after having been stuck in the bus for 4 hours. We went on a city tour in Kempten and explored our hostel. On Tuesday we went rafting through the wild waters of the Iller river. In the afternoon we went to the pool and played board games. On Wednesday was our third water activity: water skiing followed by another visit of the pool. Thursday was supposed to have been a water free day with a 5 hour GPS tour through the surrounding area and bowling in the evening. However strong rainfall made just as wet as any other activity. Sadly it was already time to head home on Friday. Overall it was a great trip with a lot of fun activities, even though they were 90% water based. 

Written by Yann and Vivain


 “Best Week Without Walls I’ve had!” Yann


 “It was a very interesting and fun experience to learn and explore out of the classroom.” Vivien


 On the second day on our week without walls trip we went rafting on the Iller River. Our instructors Thomas and Andreas were very nice and very helpful though out the trip. Everybody was in teams in inflatable canoes. Some people hit a rock, some fell in the water and the others were just having fun. We also went swimming. The water was cold in the beginning but because of the wetsuits, we got warm quite fast. There was also this fun part where we went down steep parts of the river. It was fast and Yann fell out of the boat. But in the end everybody had fun.

 By Jakub, Leah , Rasmus


 This was an awesome end to our week without walls experience. We stayed in a nice hostel where we had a lot of opportunities to have fun. There was a pool right next door which we visited and there were lots of fun games available to us in the hostel. We challenged each other to board games, billiards and table tennis, we even got our teachers involved.

We spent a lot of time outdoors, doing generally outdoorsy stuff and learned new things.

All in all we had a great trip and are sad that it was our last.

 Written by Benita, Rebecca, and Aaisha


On the third day of our trip we went water skiing on a little lake surrounded by high peeks. Our instructors gave us a short introduction and a few tips on how to stay on our feet and we were off! The first few tries were fails… Most just drank a lot of lake water… However after a few tries some managed to stay stood up for long enough to do as many as 7 rounds of the lake! Two students got a chance to try wake boarding but it was a lot harder than they had expected. We all arrived back at the hotel exhausted and ready for a big meal and a good night’s sleep.

 Written by Tom, Cameron, Jan, Surya and Robert

Gender Equality Drawing Competition

Gender Equality Drawing Competition: New submission deadline and event!

Elli and Marie, from grade 5, have been organising a gender equality drawing competition for their Exhibition project. We are sorry for any inconvenience but the deadline has been changed from May 13th to May 30th.

equalityWe would also like to inform you that we have organised an after school activity: on May 23rd (Monday) from 15:25-16:20, please join us in the library to brainstorm sector_icon_equality-mobileand express yourself through art on the topic of gender equality. We hope you will come and participate. If you’ve been wanting to submit a contest entry but don’t know where to begin, this session will hopefully jumpstart your creative spark! Drawing materials and snacks will be provided for anyone participating. 

The winner’s piece of art will be turned into a mural at H.I.S. and the winner will also receive a certificate of their accomplishment. Please turn in your contest submissions at the “Gender Equality Drawings” box in the foyer.

 Thanks for your attention,

Elli and Marie