H.I.S. MAD Nights – Coming Soon!

Join us for the ultimate Music-Art-Drama Experience in January

H.I.S. is celebrating the MAD Nights in January. Enjoy two nights full of action and art. All MYP students are involved: Grade 7 and Grade 9 students are performing  Disney’s Aladdin. Students in Grade 6, 8 and 10 are organising an exhibition of their artwork.


wunderlampe[1]Tuesday, 19th  January – Grade 9 Aladdin Cast

Wednesday, 20th  January – Grade 7 Aladdin Cast

Both nights the Visual Arts Exhibition (Grades 6, 8 and 10) will be open to view during intermission. Several of the artists will be there to share their artwork and talk to you about their creative intentions. 


malpalette 1Look out for students and staff selling MAD Night tickets after school the first week back from break. Make sure you get yours before they sell out! Prices are €5 for students and €10 for adults. The proceeds will help to cover the costs of the Disney licensing fee, props for the play, as well as exhibition materials and refreshments. 

DSC_0841   DSC_0836

See you there!

Anna Baer, Visual Arts Teacher, and Dominik Baer, Performing Arts Teacher

Grade 12 – First Internal IB Assessments Submitted!

As they are working hard to prepare for IB examinations in May, Grade twelve students have now submitted their first internal assessments. Internal assessments are compulsory parts of the IB diploma. The students in the photograph have just submitted their history internal assessments as part of their history course work.


photo & text: KG

Grade 4 Scientists

Think, Communicate and Inquire like a Scientist
IMG_5648As an introduction to our new Unit of Inquiry, “New Energy”, Grade 4 students have been building devices, experimenting with matter, making and recording observations, and exploring scientific terms through poetry at science stations. Expanding on knowledge gained from our last Unit of Inquiry, “Inventors and Inventions”, students identified scientists and their significant discoveries, that have greatly impacted the world.


As students moved from station to station, they focused on being a scientist themselves. Each station was designed to allow students to investigate scientistic concepts related to different forms of energy, foster discussion, assess prior knowledge, use observed patterns to help develop rules and provoke questioning for further research and experimenting.


photos: KMO, text: FW

Grade 1 Action: “Kinder unterm Regenbogen”

Grade 1 combined their unit of inquiry, “From Producers to Consumers” with meaningful action, as they rolled up their sleeves to help other children. Using the many ingredients donated by parents, the students picked several recipes to make in class. They made sweet potato, pumpkin and apple muffins as well as chocolate fridge treats.


Many literacy and numeracy skills were used as the children sorted, counted, followed recipes, estimated, measured, converted halves and wholes, practiced problem solving, created signs and sold their products. 



The little producers opened shop on Tuesday after school and sold their products to eager consumers. 

In addition, the students did extra chores at home, to raise more money for children in need. 

Altogether, through the various actions, Grade 1 raised 150,43 €. The complete amount was   proudly donated to “Kinder unterm Regebogen” during the Radio Regenbogen “Spendenmarathon” on Monday, December 14. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.49.17 PM

“Kinder unterm Regenbogen” is a fundraising event sponsored by the local radio station, Radio Regenbogen. It is for children with physical or learning challenges, who are in need of costly therapy or equipment, and children who have suffered a trauma. The children live right here in the Rhein-Neckar Kreis (area). If you would like more information please follow this link:


Impressed by the student’s commitment and enthusiasm, Radio Regenbogen proudly reported on their radio show, about the great events that took place in Grade 1 at the Heidelberg International School, to help “Kinder unterm Regebogen”.

photos & text: JN

Grade 1 Visits The Görtz Baking Factory

Unit of Inquiry: From Producers to Consumers

Getting to the South of Ludwigshafen was half the field trip! We travelled by tram through three cities in two states.

The children saw trucks transporting goods across highways and bridges, boats transporting goods along the river, and even got a glimpse of the shipping port in Mannheim.

At the factory, the students were able to see how massive production functions. There were many people at work, measuring ingredients, cutting, spreading, folding and forming as well as monitoring the machines and computers that help in their work. There were many machines mixing and rolling dough, cutting, transporting and cleaning, to name a few.


There were giant bowls, room size ovens and cooling rooms.


We had a tour guide that explained how all the machinery worked.


We ended the tour at the loading area. Here computers display the products, and direct to which truck the different products should be loaded. The products are then loaded in the trucks and delivered to their destinations in the many Gortz bakery shops.


After a quick lunch at the factory, the Grade 1 students had time to play in the factory playground, before we started the long trip back to the school.


photos & text: JN


Thank You For Supporting “HD hilft!”

H.I.S. collects donationsWhen the sealed collection tin was picked up by Mario Lehmann from the Lions Club Heidelberg Altstadt this morning, we did not know how much money we had managed to collect for “HD hilft!”, yet. Herr Lehmann promised to get back to us today and kept his word:  We proudly announce that the H.I.S. Community donated 818.60 euros. With the money, the city of Heidelberg will support unaccompanied refugee children living in Heidelberg. THANK YOU for your generous donations! http://www.heidelberghilft.de/



Benita, Amon, Mica, Yann, Rebecca

H.I.S. Winter Fair

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 8.09.30 PMThere’s nothing like the smell of roasting marshmallows in a crackling fire, fresh waffles, hot chocolate, popcorn and cookies to make you enjoy the season and look forward to winter break (still a week away…). At the winter fair today the activities organised by parents, students and teachers made for an exciting afternoon at H.I.S. – 20151211_153406Making candles, decorating cookies, tossing presents, karaoke, making christmas decorations and popcorn necklaces and having a photo taken with Santa Mikael were some of the activities which everybody enjoyed. Thank you to the PTG and all their “elves” for organising the fair.



20151211_153607   20151211_153542


20151211_154223 20151211_153705 20151211_154623 20151211_153523


20151211_153959   20151211_155511



photos & text: AS