H.I.S. Goes Global Photo Competition

Bring your summer back to school

All members of the H.I.S. community are invited to take part in a summer photo competition. Have your photo taken, wearing any piece of H.I.S. merchandise and capture a true summer moment. There will be prizes for the best 3 photos. All photos will be displayed at the International Fun Fest on Saturday 19th September.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.39.50 PM

Submit your photo by Monday 7th September in A5 size. We are looking forward to your contribution. If you would like to purchase any H.I.S. merchandise, please check the newsletter No 37 for further details.


M.A.D. Afternoon

MYP Drama Performance and Art Exhibition

If the Joker discusses his emotional breakdown with Magneto and other sinister characters well known from various fairy tales and other stories, then it must be time for a meeting of “Villains Anonymous”. Here Cinderella’s Stepmother can learn to forgive “Cindy”, for causing her emotional distress and the Wolf can confess freely that a meeting with Little Red Riding Hood left him feeling more like a puppy than a wolf. Students from Grade 6 did a fantastic job of showing that villains have feelings, too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 7.29.32 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 7.32.53 PMAnything can happen on stage when it’s… CRIMETIME! Students from Grade 8 managed to involve the audience in their improvisations.  Be it an accidental murder in a haunted house or a criminal confessing to have eaten a burger with too much ketchup on a graveyard together with Justin Bieber.


Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 7.30.37 PMIn between the two drama performances the audience was invited to walk through the Art Exhibition and talk to the artists from Grade 9 and 10. Free drawings as well as pottery and paintings were on display.



20150609_161843Thank you MYP students for a truly fascinating and entertaining afternoon. Many thanks to the Art Teachers Anna and Dominik Bär for their contagious enthusiasm and energy.


text & photos: AS

Students sent letter of appeal to UNESCO

As part of our unit on Heritage and inspired by Joseph Mbamba’s visit to H.I.S. Grade 6 students decided to write a letter of appeal to the UNESCO in order to protect the Khoesan click languages of Namibia as an intangible heritage.


UNESCO’s Assistant Director General for Culture replied to the letters and conveyed “heartfelt thanks for their interest.” As stated in the letter, “the involvement of young people is essential for the safeguarding of world heritage.” The Assistant Director General felt “encouraged by your enthusiasm for the living heritage of communities so far away from your own homes.”

Thank you so much Grade 6 for caring.

text & photo: Guillermo Jimenez

Grade 11 action – cooking for refugees

Last Monday afternoon the Grade 11 students Annika, Haixu, Herman and Kjartan had their long planned cooking evening with refugees – and it turned out to be an evening of great smells and tastes and a lot of activity.


First, a bake sale the week before was a big success and the Grade 11 German B students had enough cash to go shopping for all the ingredients. Thanks to all those who donated and bought cakes last Wednesday.


Thanks also to Jayvin Temony who provided us with recipes for an African lamb soup and an Arabic bread. Haixu from Grade 11 added a Chinese noodle dish and Kjartan provided some pancakes. Two Iranian ladies from the refugee home cooked a tasty dish with eggplants, and our Grade 11 CVC, Mrs McGuigan, thankfully helped us with the shopping.


After all the shopping goods, plus two cookers from H.I.S. had arrived at the refugee home in Hardtstrasse, Kirchheim – a district of Heidelberg – the cooking could begin.  All the recipes turned out to be a success, quite a few people came in, attracted by our posters, by the smell or by word of mouth, and enjoyed our dishes from various regions of the world, which hopefully gave some refugees a taste of their home.

text & photos: Michael Handwerk

MSC Opening Ceremony

Multi-Sport Court now officially open

Students, Parents and Staff gathered at the H.I.S. Multi-Sport Court today to celebrate the official opening of the new sports field.


Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.26.46 PMStudent Council President Roberto thanked Thomas Frenzel and cut the red ribbon. Early Primary students were the first to step onto the new surface.

20150603_144309The ceremony concluded with a student versus staff football match.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.24.27 PM

text & photos: AS

Grade 4 Book Trailers

Watch them on the BLOG!

As part of the Grade 4’s genre book project, students have created original trailers for their choice of book. The book trailers allow students to combine their love of reading, knowledge of genre, creativity and IT skills. After watching their trailers, Grade 4 knows you’ll be inspired to go to the library or nearest book store to pursue your own love of reading. Enjoy!

“The Tower Treasure”

“Where the Sidewalk Ends”

“The Hardy Boys”

text: Faida Williams

trailers: Grade 4 students