100 Days of School

Last week Grade 1 and EP celebrated the 100 Days of school. DSCN3029During a brainstorming session the students came up with great ideas on what to do on this long awaited day. DSCN4831Among their ideas were, to make 100 “Happy 100 Days of School “ cards and distribute them to 100 students at H.I.S.; roll dice, adding numbers until they reach 100; 100 hop-scotch cards; a celebration sign and collecting 100 objects. DSCN3057100 Days activities also included estimating, problem solving (such as how to divide our 100 cookies and 100 sweets fairly among
22students and 3 teachers ), various “word” work tasks and of course – crafting their “100 Days Smarter” head bands. The Grade 1 students visited EP, and the EP students visited Grade 1, to join in shared celebration.


photos & text: JN

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