Thank You!

Many thanks to our wonderful PTG Planning Team.

It has been a pleasure to be part of well-organised meetings and fun-filled events.

For the Planning Team members moving on this year, we wish you every success in your new locations. For those returning to H.I.S. Next school year, we are looking forward to the Pizza Party already!

Have a super summer, and thank you again! 

Kathleen Macdonald

photo: AB

MYP Students for The First Time

Grade 5 Orientation Day

What is it like to be a MYP student? Grade 5 students had the chance to find out today. They spent the day with their teachers for next school year and took on the role of a Grade 6 MYP class.

After morning registration in Homeroom they moved from room to room to get to their German, Science, English, Performing Art and Math classes.

Orientation day finished with a meeting for the future Grade 6 parents.I trust students, teachers and parents found today a good experience.

Dear Grade 5 students, we look forward to welcoming you to Secondary School in the new school year.

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MYP Students Took Action

The school year 2016/17 is coming to an end and therefore most of the Action & Service Projects are finished. The Action & Service display on the first floor shows an overview of the projects of all the MYP classes.

Many thanks and congratulations to all the students, supervisors and homeroom teachers who made all these actions happen. Our thanks also go to parents for supporting the students. Please visit the display (near the entrance of the Art Foyer) and have a look at the A&S achievements of this school year!Grade 6:

To support the transition from PYP to MYP grade 6 is creating a video/slideshow to show what it is like in middle school. They will be giving advice, tips to be successful and get the future MYP students excited about the fun parts of the MYP.

Grade 7:

The grade 7s decided their goal for Action & Service this year was to raise awareness and money for the endangered Mountain Gorillas. They took part in having a stall at the MCP Flea Market and gave part of the money to the World Wildlife Fund and the remaining money to MCP. They also held an event in which the students gave a presentation on the Gorillas, organised a Bake Sale and did face painting to raise more money. In total the amount collected was 172 Euros 50 Cent.

Grade 8:

Grade 8 devided into two groups who planned A&S projects:

“Creative Food projects that draw their inspiration from books & stories” – that is how a colourful poster announced the Edible Book Fest. This was an Action & Service project by a large group of Grade 8 students, The poster was inspiring, too, and many children, teenager and parents came and brought in wonderful, mouth-watering, crazy and funny creations. Thanks to the responsible Grade 8 students, the whole event was a wonderful experience, and praise goes to our librarian Mrs Clower, for seeing them through the whole process from first ideas to final details.

Another group of 4 students decided to read to young children as a way to help our community. While they did this months ago, we are just now getting around to displaying how they have impacted the school community.

 Grade 9:

This year the grade 9 students participated in a variety of individual and unique Actin & Service experiences. The students identified needs in the community, set their own goals, developed a plan of action, and reflected on their involvement, growth, and impact on the world around them. Some projects this year were: running an after school soccer program for younger students, setting up rooms for SAT or giving their time to MCP events and fundraisers.

Grade 10:

The grade 10 students presented their Personal Projects to the H.I.S. Community. They shared their ideas with parents, staff and secondary students and gave a special presentation to primary students. The Personal Project is the final challenge for all students in the MYP. Some topics this year were Music Composition, Space Travel, Book Making, Disaster Response, Football, Allergies, Photography, Leadership and Nutrition.

text: BK

Many thanks to Frau Kress for co-ordinating the Service and Action this school year.

Save The Gorillas!

Congratulations to Grade 7!  Their goal for Service as Action was to raise awareness and money for the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

After researching several endangered species the class chose to focus their project on helping to save this animal from extinction.  

Together the students took part in selling some of their unwanted things at the school Flea Market and also in a Save the Gorillas event after school.  They face painted and sold lots of cakes!  In total the amount of 172 euros was raised, which has been donated to the World Wildlife Fund.  Great job, Well done!

text: JK

Grade 11 History Field Trip

Grade eleven history class visited Friedrich Ebert Memorial in Heidelberg in early June.  

Friedrich Ebert was the first president of Germany and a native of Heidelberg.  The students also had a brief look at Synagogenplatz on the way to the museum.  They  stand in front of the place where the Jewish synagogue used to be located before it was destroyed during the Nazi period.

text & photos: KG

Kennst du den Ameisenlöwen?

Als Teil der Unit: Habitate unternahmen die Schüler der 1. Klasse letzten Donnerstag eine Reise in ein kleines Landschaftsparadies in Heidelberg. Zusammen mit zwei angehenden Lehrern der PH Heidelberg durften sie viele Habitate im Ökogarten der Pädagogischen Hochschule in Heidelberg genauer unter die Lupe nehmen. Dabei kam so manches zum Vorschein, was man nicht vermutet hätte.

Sanpoorna: Wir haben die Wildbienen von Nahem gesehen. Sie stechen nicht!

Joshua: Wir haben einen Ameisenlöwen gesehen. Wir hatten das Insekt auf unserer Hand! Er heißt so, weil er Ameisen frisst.

Ishan: Wir probieren Kräuter für Tee und Quark.

Benjamin: Wir sammeln Kräuter.

Ana: Wir haben die Kräuter geschnitten und Kräuterquark gemacht.

Tanya: Wir machten leckeren Kräutertee.

Asher: Wir probierten Honig. Ich mag Honig! Er war sehr lecker!

text & photos: Grade 1, SH

Destination Imagination Wraps Up!

Our six creative teams, their parents, and their managers gathered recently at H.I.S. to celebrate their successful year.

D.I. Is an international team-based problem-solving competition. The competition year begins in late August. Students work together in teams to create a performance-based solution to a Central Challenge (selected by the team.) This year, our teams hosted a Mock Tournament at H.I.S. in March, but sometimes teams travel to tournaments in other countries.

The best part about participating in D.I.? No adults can help, nor can they tell the team what to do! The team does all the work and makes all the decisions themselves!During our year-end celebration, we handed out our shirts (designed by fifth-grader Karli), ate some yummy food, and played some games. We also gave the parents a chance to compete in an Instant Challenge against teams of students. Each team used the same materials to create a tall tower that could hold weights. The adults enjoyed having a chance to get their hands on the materials!

text & photos: PC

How do you take care of strawberries?

EP went on a field trip exploring the gardens and fields in Handschuhsheim. We got a tour by one of the owners and on our way through the fields and big green houses we got to taste strawberries, cherries and all kinds of different herbs. At the end of our tour we bought different fruits and vegetables for further use in the classroom. EP made some delicious smoothies!

text & photos: SSt