Grade 7&8 – Theatre Field Trip

On Monday the advanced German learners grade 7&8 visited a performance of 20161018_100505the play „Blutrote Schuhe“ by Charles Way in the Zwinger Theatre in Heidelberg.

The play is a content part of our current unit of the class: „On the Run“, which deals with the situation of people who have to leave their home country for different reasons.blutroteschuhe_o_035We were able to sit in the front row in the theatre next to two live musicians and were very impressed by the intensity and the closeness of the actors. The students discussed a lot about the play on their way back to school and we will talk about all the impressions and thoughts in the next German lesson for sure. As you can notice a visit in Starbucks in the Hauptstraße made this trip even more fun … 


text & photos: BK, Zwinger Theater

Our Inner Hero

Grade 4 students have been inquiring into the qualities of traditional and modern heroes through a variety of artistic mediums.

While interpreting the characteristics valued by painters, poets, songwriters, graffiti artists and other artists, as portrayed through their artwork, many students came to the conclusion that anyone can be a hero.

In an attempt to portray their own inner hero, students have been exploring Ben-Day Dot artwork from the 1950s and 1960s.

bdd-1 bdd-2

Students trace their portrait from photos of themselves with pencil. 

bdd-3 bdd-4

Pencil outlines are retraced with black marker.


Amir traces his outline on a Ben-Day Dot template.


Julian fills in the dots to create the Ben-Day Dot affect.

Students Did an excellent job of portraying their inner heroines and heroes.bdd-7  bdd-9bdd-8

photos & text: FW

Merchandise – Order Your H.I.S. Apron!

H.I.S. aprons can be ordered soon – watch out for more information from the PTG to come. The aprons will be available in two sizes (one size for adults and one size for children). img_1234

Destination Imagination

Teamwork and Creativity

A group of third grade girls (led by a parent volunteer and by Grade 11 student Tyra, who is volunteering as part of her CAS) demonstrated their teamwork during a recent team meeting. They formed letters and words using only their bodies. 

 img_3202 img_3205 img_3206

Destination Imagination is an international creative problem-solving competition in which teams of up to seven students learn to work together to learn how to work as a team and produce creative answers to problems together.  Each team will create and build a solution to the Central Challenge of their choice.  


The Challenges change every year, and this year we have seven teams at H.I.S. who will soon be choosing their challenges and beginning the work of engineering technical aspects, writing scripts, designing costumes and set pieces, and trying their best to generate creative responses to the challenge¹s limitations. 

More information about DI is available in the library!

Pam Clower 

Team Coordinator

How Do I Keep My Bike Safe?

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-09-14-59Where do you keep your bike? How do you lock your bike? What do you do when your bike is stolen?

Policeman Andreas Becker visited H.I.S. today and discussed these questions with PYP students.

The students found out that each bike has a unique “finger print”, a number code that can help track stolen bikes.

Herr Becker demonstrated where to best place locks on bicycles and how to attach bikes to an object to make sure it’s safe.

20161013_08432720161013_08375720161013_084054A big thank you to Herr Becker for all the good advice and information he gave the students!


photos & text: AS

Investigating Interests through Literature

As part of the Grade 4 Language Stand-Alone Unit: Beyond Book Reports, students have been working on creating their own personal libraries. The Central Idea of the unit is genre allows us to explore and develop our own personal interests. 

During Library, Mrs. Clower taught the students about how different types of libraries are organised. In the classroom, students were built upon the knowledge they had gained to create their own personal libraries. They chose books that were interesting to them and organised and labeled them on the bookshelf. This was an excellent opportunity for teachers to get a better understanding of the knowledge students have formed thus far.

blog-1   After discussing the meaning of “interpreting” and “analyzing”, students practiced this skills by interpreting and analyzing the chooses in books made by their classmates. blog-2blog-3blog-4

photos & text: FW

Personal Project Info Morning

Find out all about the Personal Project, the culminating experience for Grade 10 students in their final year of the Middle Years Programme.

Wednesday, 12th October, 8:30-9:30 Room 207 (top floor)

dsc_0052 (photo: Karol C.)

The info event is open to everyone but will be of particular interest to new parents and students in Grades 9 and 10.

Anke Schumacher (MYP Co-ordinator)

A Generous Donation

imgresFletcher from Grade 1 has donated his birthday money to the Waldpiraten Camp in Heidelberg.

20161010_151527He is pictured here handing over the money to Mr Knowles, the Grade 11 student organizers of the recent Waldpiraten Run (Katie, Vivien, Judyta, Rebecca and Tyra), as well as Mrs Macdonald and Mr Parkes.

A big thank you to Fletcher! 

We will announce the final total for the money raised by the Waldpiraten Run, shortly.

photo: AS  text: NP

Congratulations Katharina – Class of 2012

14657245_10211255698295012_189906216785416963_nIt is with great pride that we congratulate another of our H.I.S. alumni as they graduate from college.

Last week Katharina proudly wore the red & blue of Simon Fraser University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and Distinctions.

An Honours Bachelor of Arts is extended to exceptional students who complete supplementary coursework (an additional fourth year) with distinction.

Katharina’s major was communication and her minor was print and digital publishing. Over the next couple of months Katharina is planning on gathering some work experience in the field of environmental communication. She is hoping to find a placement in a Masters Programme in that same field for next fall. 

In a recent message, Katharina told us that “H.I.S. played a big part in getting me to where I am today. The school really prepared me well for success at SFU. My IB Diploma got me an entrance scholarship and many useful skills that made my start there a lot easier.”14522812_10211255694894927_8205869427621792408_nIn the above picture you might recognise another H.I.S. alumni, Neil Kehler who came to Katharina’s graduation to support her, great to see you Neil! That beard really suits you.

We are very proud of Katharina as we are of all of our alumni.

photos: KV text: KW