Food Allergies – Please Support This Personal Project!

For my Grade 10 personal project, I am aiming to raise awareness about allergies. My goal is to create 3 different posters to explain all of the different elements about allergies.

My second poster is now up in the foyer, on the glass by the staircase. It explains the symptoms of having a food allergy, information about anaphylactic shock, and all about my personal severe allergy to peanuts.

It would be really helpful if you could go and have a look and read my poster so that you can learn all about food allergies. poster2In addition you will find a question box there and it would greatly assist my research if you could add any questions you have.

After I have completed my project, I will hopefully answer all of the questions I have received. Thank you!

text & poster: Paige, Grade 10

Personal Project – Well Underway!

"Hug your social life and sleep schedule goodbye! :)"

Introduction to Personal Project: Why do we do it? The Personal Project takes place at the end of MYP, in Grade 10. It is a project in which the students are assessed on all the skills they have learned in the middle years. It also trains the students to be able to stick to action plans, to research, to be academically honest and complete long-term tasks.

250px-fibonacci_spiral_34-svgIshani: My Personal Project is about the Golden Ratio in photography. What is it? How is it present in our everyday life? My goal is to make others aware and help them with improving the quality of their photography using the Golden Ratio. For my final product I am going to make an educational video, which will be shown to Grade 8. I think that the Personal Project is a wonderful way to work on something that we are passionate about and help others in the process. This complete freedom can actually make it more difficult. It can become stressful because it is added work with regular school.screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-14-56-10An example of Ishani’s work on the Golden Ratio in photography

music-album_318-43305Remus: My Personal Project is about producing my own music album, “Around the World of Jazz”. My goal is to introduce the audience to jazz. The album has songs from different jazz sub genres, recorded in my home studio (a laptop, an external soundboard, and a microphone). Featured are piano, suitcase piano, guitar, xylophone and various percussion instruments. One of the biggest challenges is sticking to the plan and completing tasks in time. It is also difficult to justify changes made to the songs, because music is a lot about taste. But the result makes it all worth it. I have never done this before, and I am gaining a lot of experience in the domain.

articleimage_4Hannah: I’m making a 2D animated short film for my Personal Project. 2D animation means that every frame is hand drawn, whether on paper or on a computer. Some examples of 2D animated films are Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Jungle Book, and Aladdin. The research deadline was in November, so I’ve gathered lots of research. I’ve watched some movies and short films to analyse their animation styles. I’m reading tons of books on the subject, most written by Disney animators, who pioneered the art of 2D animation. Personal Project is a lot of work because you have to do it on top of your normal schoolwork and extra curriculars.

Friendly note to current ninth graders: You will have no free time next year if you hope to have a good Personal Project. So hug your social life and sleep schedule goodbye! 🙂

by Remus, Hannah, and Ishani, Grade 10


Golden Ratio symbol: Wikipedia; Music Icon:; Mouse cartoon: Disney/Pixar; photo: Ishani

PYP Winter Concert 2016

dsc00183PYP students put on a great show at the annual Winter Concert on Friday and demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of the IB Learner Profile. They were being true risk-takers by presenting themselves and their musical skills on stage to a very special audience: their parents and teachers! dsc00146Thank you to all PYP students for the fantastic show! Special thanks to Mr Lopez, Performing Arts teacher, and his many supporters (Hr Bär, Mr Cooper and Primary teachers and assistants).dsc00175dsc00147dsc00164dsc00171dsc00156

text & photos: AS


Visual Art

Step into Grade 8 Visual Art Class!

Grade 8 students are working on portraits in Visual Art, exploring the effects of colours with the support of their Art Teacher. Come and see their art work at the M.A.D. Night Exhibition on the 14th and 15th of December.dsc00123dsc00121dsc00120dsc00118

photos: AS

Creative Writing Workshops

Last week there was a very talented creative writing instructor, Denise going around to teach the MYP students how to get creative and simply spread out their ideas. She prepared very interesting and captivating activities for the students to participate in. dsc00074The activities were fun and very effective in teaching students creative writing. The first activity we were asked to do was to think back to memories from when we were young that were related to the word house. It was an enjoyable experience to reflect back to the days when we were younger. We were then asked a few questions about one of the memories and we had to scribble out our ideas on a piece of paper. Then, we transferred the answers that we had written down into a paragraph about the memory. After sharing some of our written paragraphs, we were presented with word cards on each of our tables. We were supposed to write 10 things that came to our mind when we saw the word and once we completed the task we exchanged words with a classmate and did the same thing with the next word. I thought this was the most interesting task as it was fascinating how one word could lead to so many ideas and memories. We were then asked to write down what we did, saw and heard in the morning. At first, we were confused as to why we had to do this exercise but later we found out that the exercise was meant to generate ideas and expand our creativity. At the end of the workshop, quotes, word climates, interviews and many interesting posters were pasted all across the classroom and we were given a while to explore all the interesting ‘exhibits’. After exploring the posters, we shared which poster was our favourite. When it came to the end we weren’t very eager for it to end. It was a wonderful class that was filled with fun.

A very big thank you to Denise for preparing those activities and posters for the MYP students.

Nasya, Grade 7

dsc00077Having spent two days at the International School in Heidelberg, it has certainly ‘made a difference’ for me; I feel as nourished in rich and interesting experience from the students as I hope they feel from their time spent with me and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work in such an inspiring and welcoming learning environment …

img_4190So I leave with the hope that the seeds of Creative Writing have been sewn with the care I believe it takes to inspire young people to at least ‘have a go ‘, and the sincere wish that those composition diaries we began will continue to be filled with snippets of overheard conversations, funny or sad childhood memories, dreams
remembered, words they like, doodles and even more doodles (especially spirals), and anything that may inspire some kind of creative writing to be enjoyed and possibly developed into a story by even the most unconvinced of teenagers ….

dsc00044dsc00097Thank you to all those who welcomed me and for your friendly smiles ; and thank you to the staff who took the risk of letting me loose in their classrooms, and thank you to every student who worked with me, listened to me, and played the game 😉 So students: Go drive your imaginary cars at night, with only the headlights showing you where you are heading; no need to know your destination , just drive (or write!)pencil-writing-clip-art-niecxhk Kind wishes to all, Denise

UTSAV – Indian Cultural Evening भारतीय शाम

indian-elephant-wall-art-640x445Join us for an Indian Cultural Evening at H.I.S.! The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) and the Indian community members at H.I.S. are organising an event to showcase the colourful and diverse culture of India. This adults only event will feature delicious Indian food, dance and  music!indian-feast-2

Friday, 17th February 2017, 7-10 pm (MPR)

Tickets – 35 €

Visit our booth at the Winter Fair, December 9th to learn more about the event! We will start selling tickets at the Winter Fair and after that everyday after school, in the foyer. Get your tickets soon!rangoli-indian-art-flour-sand-6

For questions, please feel free to contact anyone from the PTG or Anu Nair (

elephant image:

Cooking up A Storm – MCP Dinner

dsc03067At the MCP Dinner 2016 Last Friday, MYP students transformed the MPR and Music room into a restaurant and venue for the MCP Dinner. Students welcomed guests, from in- and outside of the H.I.S. community, for a night of delicious food and informative presentations. Long before the transformations started, DP students Robin, Mikael, Jan, Robert and Cameron were working hard with Mr Parkes and Herr Kettner at Heinsteins to prepare the delicious, three-course meal.
20161118_150143H.I.S. student involvement did not end there. We had presentations from Katherine and Christian, representing the PYP and the MYP, along side their parents, as well as exciting news from the Grade 11 students– Benita, Leah, Tom, and Rasmus – who will be travelling to Namibia in 2017. dsc03183The final total is still being calculated and will be announced soon on the blog. Huge thanks to all those involved – our students, presenters and guests – for making the evening a success and a celebration of the work MCP does and the contributions H.I.S. is able to make.

Photos: Leo, Grade 7

Human Chains Really Do Work

Human chains have been used for centuries and represent what great collaboration can achieve; whether it be to protest, to bring relief, or simply to get a job done more effectively. On Tuesday MYP students and teachers responded to a call for help from the PYP to get their garden boxes ready for bulb planting before the winter sets in. The volunteers formed a human chain to move sacks of compost from the carpark, through the school, to the playground. It was a wonderful sight!thumb_dscn0941_1024thumb_dscn0952_1024thumb_dscn0960_1024

text & photos NP