Pi Day

A Tasty Way to Explore Mathematics and Collaboration

 On Thursday, Grade 5 students celebrated International Pi Day. After exploring the power of pi in solving problems in the world, students used their knowledge in an attempt to accurately calculate the irrational number. This required students to use necessary measurement and number skills to find which group could get the closest to pi.

And what would International Pie day be without making some…well, pies…the kind you can eat! With a focus on communication and social skills, students organized a plan to bake the perfect pie. Groups that could recite pi to the furthest digit got their first choice. While listening to a mathematically theme pi sound track, students practiced following instructions, solving problems, making group decisions, time management and so much more.

The festivities ended with a pi reciting competition and of course pie. Sophia came in 3rd place, reciting 21 digits of pi. Luna and Jasper tied for 1st place, reciting 36 digits of pi. That is: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288. WOW!

 Learning never tasted so sweet!


text & photos: FW

H.I.S. Human Rights Exhibition 2019

We are very grateful to the Interkulturelles Zentrum for their initiative to include schools in a project to recognise the 70 years that the Declaration of Human Rights has been in existence.

Over the last 2 months, the MYP students have grappled with reasons behind each of the 30 articles, how they are observed and how they are, at times, trampled upon. Following their in-depth consideration of the Declaration across several subjects, the students produced thought-provoking and empowering responses. The resulting poetry, art work, biographical posters and cartoons, were the basis of our Exhibition.

The originality of the pieces of work, reflect the encouraging learning environment created by their inspirational teachers. I believe our future is in safe hands when we see the level of understanding, demonstrated by our MYP students, of the very complex topics raised through studying Human Rights.

text: KM

24 Game Math Competition

Our annual 24 Game Math Competition between Grades 3, 4 and 5 had 36 competitors. For some it was their first experience of this competition and for others, the second or third time of competing. We were proud of the effort the students made both in preparing and at  the event.

The challenge is to manipulate 4 numbers to make 24. Speed is of the essence! It is a serious competition but there was fun too. The top 8 scorers now have the opportunity to travel to Hanover in May to compete in the International Schools of Germany competition.

We are thankful for the support of Grade 6 students as judges as well as a couple of students from DP and a few teachers. Although a Primary event, it is well supported throughout the school.

We look forward to reporting how our finalists get on at Hannover. Traditionally, our students do very well, returning with winners’ trophies.

text & photos: MB

Grade 12 Visual Art Exhibition

The 2018-19 Grade 12 IB Diploma Visual Art class would like to extend a warm invitation to both students and parents to view the results of their creative endeavors over the past two years.

Artworks will be on display in Room 210 and reflect each student’s creativity and originality.

Pieces include drawing, painting and sculpture exploring concepts as varied as Memories, Homesickness and Identity. We hope that you can find time to view the works and admire the creativity of these talented young artists.

Human Rights Exhibition – Tonight!

We are excited to open our doors at 7 pm this evening for the Human Rights Exhibition. The evening will showcase MYP student work including film, poetry, and posters, exploring this complex and important topic to celebrate 70 years since the Declaration of Human Rights. The students will present their work along-side music and refreshments. We are even expecting the local newspaper, who featured our event last week!


Neuro Science Olympiad Heidelberg

Congratulations Ishikaa!

Ishikaa (Grade 10) has secured 4th place at the Neuro Science Olympiad and qualified for the Nationals to be held in Frankfurt on the 11th of May 2019. This was a well-attended event with 28 participants from various schools of South Germany. Ishikaa found the competition very interesting and would like to encourage other students to take part in this competition in years to come. https://neurowissenschaften-olympiade.de/locations/dno-heidelberg/

newspaper article: RNZ

text & photos: AM

Kicking Off The PYP Exhibition: Informal Social

Grade 5 students, teachers, parents, and potential mentors came together to launch this year’s PYP Exhibition. All year, Grade 5 has been exploring passion projects, in order to determine what issue most excites and inspires them.

The PYP Exhibition Informational Social gave the members of our school community, who will be involved in supporting Grade 5 throughout this learning experience, the opportunity to learn more about the purpose and process, understand general expectations and brainstorm ideas as we begin our journey together.


A key component of this meeting was to get people interacting with each other. In groups that changed each round, students, parents and mentors got a chance to mingle, play interactive games and collaborate. Even a few Grade 6 students, who have been through the Exhibition process, came to offer their knowledge and support. In the midst of all these interactions, social, communication and thinking skills were demonstrated by all involved. Looking around the event, the excitement and energy was palpable.

As a result of the event, Grade 5 students were challenged to think deeper about the opportunities the PYP Exhibition affords. They were also able to get a glimpse of some of the expertise found in the room, as well as an overall feel of potential mentors. Reflecting on the evening, students finalized the issues they will be exploring and selected their three choices for mentors, whom they believe would best support them through this process.

 PYP Exhibition 2019, here we come!


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Ahoi! Alaaf! Helau!

The 5th season has started with a fantastic party at H.I.S.

Grade 5 students worked hard the last few weeks planning and organising the traditional Faschingsparty for all the PYP students. In the colourfully decorated MPR, the classes played various games, went on a parade through the school, danced and enjoyed this special morning. So many students put a lot of effort and time into creating wonderful costumes which made it very difficult to choose only two winners per class. 

text: VZ, photos: AS


Coming soon: Human Rights Exhibition

We are entering the final stages of preparation for the Human Rights Exhibition. Students across the MYP are working hard to produce high quality work for their exhibits. There will be poetry, factual posters, critical explorations of the Human Rights Declaration, film clips and even discussions about cloning. Doors open at 7 pm on Monday 11th March for the whole school community and the general public. We look forward to seeing you there!



Text: HP; photos: BK & KG