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For my personal project I am researching about Ancient Greece and Modern Greek Orthodox death burial rituals and afterlife beliefs. I was wondering whether anyone who is educated about this topic or someone who is Greek Orthodox would be interested in doing an interview, over email. It would be very helpful as part of my research. You can contact me at:

Grade 10, Nina

News from Isabel

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 16.19.03Hi Guys, I’m Isabel. I came to H.I.S. in Grade 1 and stayed until the end of Grade 4 then left for South Africa.

I live in Durban at the bottom of South Africa on the coast. South Africa is always very hot and humid, like every day. We also are experiencing a drought throughout the year. I live in house on a conservancy.

The wildlife I see from my bedroom every day includes Impala (a type of deer) Bush buck (also deer) lots of different birds and also naughty monkeys. Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 16.19.35I go to Crawford La Lucia School which has many after school activities. I compete in Cross Country (running) and enjoy art club.

We have lovely beaches to surf and go boogie boarding. I also go horse riding twice a week. I ride a pony called Geismo (Giz-mo) she is a nice, pretty fast pony.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 16.19.19We mainly eat sea food like squid, fish, fishcakes and my favourite sushi. The food is very different compared to Germany. I miss Germany very much and hope to see you all soon!

text & photos: Isabel


A Class of Innovative Inventors

pic 1   pic 2
Grade 4 students completed their Unit of Inquiry: Inventors and Inventions. As part of their summative assessment, students used the knowledge they gained to try to persuade an investor to invest into their innovative idea. Students worked through the design process – identifying a problem, researching ideas, sketching a design, building a prototype, experimenting with trial and error, reflecting, evaluating their product and redesigning if necessary.

pic 3   pic 4  

pic 5   pic 6
Students rummaged through our collection of beautiful trash to build their prototypes. 
pic 7Through inquiry and the trial and error process, students were able to develop other useful skills.

At the end of this process, the class wrote instructions for their inventions, used persuasion to create different types of advertisements, and exhibited their inventions at our PYP Assembly. Finally their skills and knowledge were put to the test, as they tried to sell their products to an investor for the chance to market and produce their innovative idea.

You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to check out these creative advertisements:

text & photos: FW

Welcome Back

H.I.S. welcomes everybody back to school – a special “warm” welcome to all new students and their families. The “Winter Wonderland” at H.I.S. was explored by students at break times today. What it was like? Well, picture multiple snow angles, snowmen, glowing cheeks and happy reunions.dsc00421dsc00417dsc00413dsc00419dsc00415

text & photos AS


One Last Field Trip….in 2016

dsc00399Today the MYP students went to the Bowling center in Heidelberg and celebrated the last day of school before the winter break with their friends and some of their teachers.

Have a fantastic break everybody and happy holidays! See you back in 2017.dsc00393dsc00394dsc00389dsc00391dsc00408

text & photos: AS



M.A.D. Nights Visual Art Exhibition

Students from Grade 6, 8 and 10 put their artwork on display in the Art Room and Art Foyer on both M.A.D. nights. Inspired and supported by their Visual Art teacher Kirsty Mottram the students had created work including wire structures, portraits, photographs, sculptures and drawings. Congratulation to all MYP artists!

dsc00361dsc00355dsc00352  dsc00357  dsc00342dsc00356dsc00350

text & photos: AS

M.A.D. Nights: “To be or not to be…”

…That was the question, both Hamlets (Vova, Grade 9 and Jaden, Grade 7) asked themselves on stage at the H.I.S. MAD Nights.dsc00301dsc00373 All students from Grade 7 and 9 presented their interpretation of “Hamlet”, by William Shakespeare on two evenings to the H.I.S. community. Congratulations to the students for their performance, for being risk-takers and for working as a teams together.dsc00369dsc00312dsc00370dsc00308 Performing Arts teacher Dominik Bär proudly thanked his students after the events. Sadly, H.I.S. has to say goodbye to Herr Bär for a while: A huge thank you to him and his wife Anna for all their work with the students in Performing and Visual Art.dsc00385

text & photos: AS

Exploring The Creativity of Leonardo Da Vinci

Last week, Grade 4 students went to the  “Leonardo da Vinci – Bewegende Erfindungen” exhibit at the Carl Bosch Museum. As part of our Unit of Inquiry, ‘Inventors and Inventions’, students have been learning how inventions develop and impact the world we live in. Students learned about Da Vinci’s life, his productivity and imaginative designs.04-exhibitionStudents observed and discussed the properties of cardboard, and why those properties are so important to it’s design.

“It needs to be stable so that when you carry heavy things, they won’t break.” – Lilly (Grade 4)

They then used their observations to build paper bridges that incorporated these same properties. Students competed against each other to see whose bridge could hold the most stones.03-cardboard02-cardboardIn the exhibition, students were able to see some of Da Vinci’s come to life.

“I can’t believe that Leonardo Da Vinci came up with plans for more than 40,000 inventions but didn’t actually make most of them!” – Ryan (Grad 4)01-cardboard

text & photos: FW

Kinder – Erfinder

Die Kinder der 4. Klasse AGP/Deutsch lernten über bionische Erfindungen. In den letzten paar Wochen lernten die Schüler der AGP-Deutschgruppe der 4. Klasse vieles über Bionik und bionische Erfindungen. img_0045Bionik ist eine Wissenschaft, die aus der Biologie und der Technik entstanden ist. Im Unterricht haben sich die Schüler die Klette und deren Funktion genau angeschaut und den Klettverschluss erklärt. Sie haben auch den Kreislauf einer bionischen Erfindung probiert. Dabei beobachteten sie genau ein Spinnennetz, malten es auf, fanden mehr über die Funktion und das besondere der Netze heraus. img_0032Danach versuchten sie in Gruppen ein Fischernetz zu machen, das so aufgebaut ist wie ein Spinnennetz. Das war nicht leicht! Sie lasen auch viele Texte und sollten da die wichtigsten Informationen finden. Sie spielten auch ein Memory mit bionischen Erfindungen und ihren Vorbildern aus der Natur und damit schrieben sie „Teekesselchen“. Am Ende planten und beschrieben sie eine eigene bionische Erfindung. Die zwei besten Erfindungen schickten sie zu einem Erfinderwettbewerb. Wenn sie gewinnen, dann bekommt die Klasse sehr viel Geld! Vor dem Deutschraum findet man auch eine tolle Sammlung der Geschichten, die die Schüler über einen Erfinder geschrieben haben.
img_0048  img_0049

Einer der Schüler meinte zum Schluss:„ Diese Unit war echt interessant. Es hat mich überrascht, dass wir über Bionik lernten!“

Text: Leo, Fr. Hohenwarter