Congratulations to The Class of 2020

100% Pass Rate for H.I.S. Graduates

The students in our class of 2020 joined 174,355 students around the world to celebrate receiving their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme results.

These students have joined a community of nearly two million graduates, in 152 countries, who have all demonstrated the knowledge, skills and determination to address our greatest challenges.

Dr Siva Kumari, the IB Director General, extended her heartfelt congratulations to students worldwide receiving their results. She said “An IB education has always been about more than results and, this year, students have had to deal with a level of global disruption that has never been experienced before.

Every IB graduate should be proud of their achievements, not just in reaching this milestone, but in the great flexibility and commitment they have shown in overcoming such obstacles.  We know that the IB has prepared them to be better learners for life—to be better, more critical thinkers, better at formulating excellent questions and finding the answers, and better suited to adapting to our ever-changing world.

We at the IB wish this year’s graduates all the best for successful and fulfilling futures.

We know that they will continue to make positive differences to the world as they progress in their lives and the many new normals.”

The May 2020 IB results are based on the students’ coursework and the established assessment expertise, rigour and quality control measures built into the IB programmes. This means that the May 2020 cohort will be awarded a Diploma or Course Certificate that truly reflects their standard of work.

I am very pleased to offer my congratulations to all our students celebrating their achievements. For the sixth year running, H.I.S. has achieved a 100% pass rate. We have an average score of 32.8 points (of a possible 45) which compares very favorably with the world average score of 29.9

I thank our teachers and staff who ensure that every student at Heidelberg International School receives the highest quality education and thorough preparation for the IB exams.

Kevin Whitmore

Secondary Principal & Diploma Coordinator







Goat Moth Caterpillar

H.I.S. wilderness has become home for insects and lizards

After hearing a talk last year from an expert on insects and their massive decline in Germany and all over the world, the H.I.S. Environment Group determined to improve the planting in the school garden in order to benefit insects, such as bees, beetles and  butterflies.

With the Coronavirus outbreak, our plans were thwarted this year and the H.I.S. garden was left somewhat to its own devices; although thanks go to the admin team, for keeping the herbs watered.

Before lockdown I had been concerned about weeds taking over and overwhelming what had been planted the year before during the playground improvements and by the PYP classes. The ‘weeds’ have indeed gained a foothold in those new beds, however, I need not have worried.

Sometimes weeds are just what you need! We now have beds that are full of insect beneficial plants, such as clover, which complement those that were planted, such as lavender, lupins, Buddleia, and poppies. There seems to be room for both cultivars and chancers and, with the long break from the students, both have become established.

What has emerged over lockdown is a true paradise for insects, reptiles (lizards) and humans alike. It has been an absolute delight to watch the students explore this biosphere, especially the lower primary classes who are now truly engaged with nature thanks to their teachers who have encouraged them to go out into the garden and discover! The students have found all kinds of minibeasts, including last week, a huge goat moth caterpillar which they were determined to protect.

Plans have been made to install a low rounded picket fence to protect the largest of the new beds from being walked on when the students return to school in August so that the head start Corona has given nature is not lost. The Environment Group will involve the students in slowly adding beneficial plants here and there between bee-friendly weeds and the perennials that were purposely planted.

May nature continue to thrive in our lovely school garden!


Summer Break is here!

The School Year 2019-20 has come to an end and……we are starting to prepare for 2020-21, of course.

Have a wonderful Summer Break!

We look forward to welcoming all returning and new students and parents end of August, and we wish those of you moving on all the very best. Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Community Spirit

MYP Service as Action

Students in the MYP “rose to the challenge” and completed many projects during their distance learning.  THANK YOU to all of the students and parents for helping others, be it family members or the wider community.  These actions, however small, make a big difference to others and help you develop new skills and positive attitudes.

Some of the popular activities completed were cooking for the family, making face masks, cleaning, gardening, and taking younger children on nature walks.

There were many other individual actions, including reading English to family friends learning the language, translating documents for a charity, shopping for groceries for a neighbour, walking the neighbour’s dog, teaching mum the piano, teaching a younger sibling how to read the clock, making an educational quiz and writing messages of support to primary students.

Well Done!!!

Mr Knowles

TV Edingen Virtual Summer Race

The annual TV Edingen Summer Run cannot take place in its usual form, however, rather than cancel it completely there will be a ‘Virtual Race’ on the weekend of 4th and 5th July.

Distances of 1,5km for students and 3,6km and 10km for adults are available.

The route that you run is completely up to you so you can decide to run anywhere in the world that you like. The only requirement is that you need to be sure of your route distance and the time taken to cover it. For those of you who run with a phone, GPS watch or similar this will be easy enough.

However, if you do not have any of these then you can plan a route on Google Maps, Komoot or any other mapping  App and simply time yourself. You just need to enter your time with the personal link you will receive on registration. If you would prefer to walk, there is a 7,5km walking distance and of course all distances allow walking.

All funds raised will be split between social development funds in Edingen-Neckarhausen and a global charity. Please do consider joining one of the very few ways to be part of an event at present.

I would love to hear of the Edingen Sommerlauf been held in far flung parts of the world or even just in the local area.

Please forward this information to anyone else who may be interested. So make it a family event and start planning your route. Be ready to run between oo:00 on the 4th July and 23:59 on the 5th.

You can register directly at

If you should require more information or any help registering then please contact me.

A Magic Assembly

Mr Raw welcomed a special guest during his Primary School Assembly Zoom today. Mr Taika, a famous magician from Finland, joined him to entertain the Primary students with some mind blowing magic tricks. After borrowing a pencil from the Queen of Ickyea, he managed to divide the pencil into 3 pieces, while students and staff watched in astonishment. Other tricks involved a ferocious balloon animal and a set of cards.

Dear Mr Taika,

Thank you for your wonderful and entertaining performance. We would like to welcome you back next school year. I hope you can find time in your busy schedule to come to H.I.S. in the school year 2020-21.


the H.I.S. students and staff

Grade 5 Proudly Presents

8th Edition of The H.I.S. Zeitung

This is just one of many articles written by Grade 5 students for the H.I.S. Zeitung. They worked very hard to put the newspaper together and they did a fantastic job! Well done, Grade 5! Another big task you have worked on this year and that you very successfully brought to an end.

Thank you very much to Aron, Anne, Charlotte and Maahi for compiling the newspaper.

Please click on the link to read/download the full edition of this year’s edition of the newspaper. You are welcome to send the link to other people who might be interested in reading this newspaper!

Theatre for Change

MYP Students take action

Our MYP Students are participating in homeroom lessons that promote understanding in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests in the US and across the globe.

As a culturally diverse community, we are focusing on key understanding of discrimination among groups oppressed; subject to violence and injustice. Our discussions have prompted some to attend local protests and find ways to educate and speak out for human rights.

Sára joined members of her Grade 10 class to create short films for the current performing arts unit, Theatre for Change.  Her particular film combined her own spoken word poetry with images of the Black Lives Matter protests. She has also attended recent protests in Mannheim.

These contributions follow our H.I.S. Guiding Statements; embracing diversity and demonstrating respect while connecting locally to promote peaceful, sustainable action against racism.

We applaud our students who have asked the hard questions, spoken up for the rights of all individuals and are recognising the parts of our greater society that needs to change in order for there to be true diversity and justice.

text: LF

Picture: Sára, Grade 10

Björn Steiger Stiftung

Dedicated to making a difference

Last week we welcomed Mr. Angelo Sapia from the Björn Steiger Foundation and Mr. Christian Schreiber from the Fashion Store Henschel. We are very grateful for being supported by the Foundation as well as Henschel, thanks to the material supplied and the funding of it, we can each year teach students in Primary and Secondary School how to help safe lives in an emergency situation.

photo: AS